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Low Maintenance


located in the heart of the Triangle


Creativity Takes Courage

"It felt like Durham was lacking an intimate luxury niche salon...

Lets be real for a minute: I never saw myself as a business owner, in fact if you had specifically asked me if I ever wanted to own my salon 5 years ago, I would have told you "absolutely not". You see, I'm a creative and it seemed daunting, exhausting, and never-ending. It is exactly all of those things. And so much more. I had always wanted to keep the hair & business aspects separate. It wasn't until 2019 that my mindframe shifted.

about Willow

...that's when I decided to create Willow Hair Studio"

I was tired of working for someone else. We can all relate to that, right? But, I also felt that there was a lack in niche focused salons in the Triangle. The majority of them being in downtown areas, with confusing parking situations. I believe that Durham needed something that only Willow provides. An intimate low maintenance luxury hair studio with a warm & cozy bohemian atmosphere that welcomes you & leaves you feeling relaxed while you freely enjoy refreshments at your leisure. Featuring stylists accumulating over 13+ years of experience, ensuring you're in great care.

is the intersection of

"H a i r

A r t       S c i e n c e"


- Taylor Wuliger; Founder of Willow Hair Studio




The Main Chick

I've been working behind the chair for over 13 years, focusing on low maintenance hair for the last 3. My passion is enhancing your natural color & providing you with minimal upkeep while keeping the integrity of your hair at the forefront of my mind. I also pride myself in an excellent client experience. 


When I'm not in the salon, I'm either at home, pilates or church! I love watching thriller & horror films, reading rom-coms & mysteries, and listening to a podcast obsession. I also love a good sci-fi or drama show! Pet mom of two cats, six guinea pigs and a puppy

(it's a long story). I love to spend my time off traveling with my husband Daniel whenever we get a chance. Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon, Libra Rising and apparently an enneagram 4, but I still don't really know what all of that means. I'll leave that to Heather! I'm born & raised in Durham and I love exploring all of the new shops, restaurants and bars that the Bullcity has to offer! People who love me call me: funny, witty, realistic, charming, and dependable. I cannot wait to welcome you to my home away from home.

The Side Chick

I graduated from Aveda Institute of Chapel Hill in September 2022. Finding myself missing creativity and self-expression in my daily life, I pursued the beauty industry after being inspired by my cousin’s passion for her career and seeing her growth as a stylist throughout the years. I’ve been assisting with her at Willow since August 2021, and I've recently opened up my books to accept new clients! I’m the ‘Nepo Baby’ of Willow, I definitely wouldn’t be anywhere without my cousy and I’m super grateful for her guidance and support! 


I’m also a Durham native and graduated from Durham School of the Arts in 2013. When not working, I’m honestly kind of a hermit. I love spending my spare time watching films (especially horror, rom-coms & critically acclaimed dramas) and I’m always ready to make a recommendation for anybody! I also love spending my weekends curled up with my pets and a coffee to read romance books or binge a TV show - (my favorites are Succession and Bojack Horseman). I’m a big ‘astrology girl’ and love learning the more in-depth matters of it, but to keep it simple:

I’m a Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon and Pisces Rising! 


More About Us

Coworkers, Friends, Cousys

Fun Fact: Taylor & Heather are cousins! 4 years apart on their moms' side

We have an accumulation of 20 tattoos 

Both obsessed with quality horror movies & love sad indie dramas

Heather loves Timothee Chalamet & all things astrological

Taylor loves traveling & adrenialine fueled activities 

Both diehard Swifties since '06

Between the two of us, we have a total of 13 pets. 5 cats, 6 guinea pigs and 2 dogs

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